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“Wristcutters: A Love Story” [Film] (Video)

Zia, distraught over breaking up with his girlfriend, decides to end it all. Unfortunately, he discovers that there is no real ending, only a run-down afterlife that is strikingly similar to his old one — just a bit worse. Discovering that his ex-girlfriend has also “offed” herself, he sets out on a road trip, with his Russian rocker friend, to find her. Along the road to nowhere, an eccentric commune leader named Kneller (played by Tom Waits) joins their journey through an absurd purgatory where they discover that being dead doesn’t mean you have to stop living…

“The Buddy Holly Story” [Film] (Video)

Gary Busey delivers an electrifying performance as Buddy Holly, the pioneering musical genius from Lubbock, Texas, whose promising career was cut short by tragedy, but not before changing the tune of rock-‘n’-roll history forever…

“Trudell” [Documentary] (Video)

“Trudell” follows the extraordinary life of Santee Sioux poet and activist John Trudell, from his impoverished childhood in Omaha to his leadership in the American Indian Movement (AIM) and his reincarnation as an acclaimed musician and spoken word poet. Using decades-old 16 mm and Super 8 film and video footage as a backdrop, filmmaker Heather Rae paints an intimate portrait of a man whose spirit and words have awakened the American Indian consciousness…

“We really need to put serious thought into understanding that we are dealing with a disease. It’s like there’s this predator energy on this this planet, and this predator energy feeds upon the essence of the spirit, feeds upon the essence of the human being, the spirit. This predator energy can take fossil fuel and other resources out of the Earth, turn it into fuel, to run a machine system. But in order for there to be a need for that system, and in order for that system to work, they have to mine our minds to get at the essence of our spirit.”
—John Trudell

It Will Be Different This Time (Video)

How can one hope to change a broken system by utilizing the tools that the system has provided? How can one even remotely entertain the idea that voting for a system-serving sociopath can ever lead to freedom? It will be different this time…

“You can stand back and look at this planet and see that we have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the scientific know-how, the love, and the community to produce a kind of human paradise. But we are led by the least among us — the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons.”
—Terence McKenna

Vernon Howard — Plans (Video)

“When one plan that you have, to get this or to get that, to advance in the world, or whatever it might be, when that seems in danger of veering off the path you have set for it, you have your emergency plan ready. And in simple language what that emergency plan is, what you put into operation, is called worry. If you can worry you are occupied, and what an incredible human situation it is!”
—Vernon Howard

“The World According to John Coltrane” [Documentary] (Video)

Innovative, influential, and strongly revered, John Coltrane was the most revolutionary and widely imitated saxophonist in jazz. With previously unseen footage, “The World According to John Coltrane” celebrates this extraordinary and passionate musician who strove with relentless curiosity for a musical ideal and cultivated an almost saintly reputation amongst listeners and fellow musicians alike…

William S. Burroughs: The Possessed (Video)

“I live with the constant threat of possession, and a constant need to escape from possession, from Control. So the death of Joan [Burroughs’s 2nd wife, whom he shot and killed during a game of William Tell in México City in 1951] brought me in contact with the invader, the Ugly Spirit, and maneuvered me into a lifelong struggle, in which I have had no choice except to write my way out.”
—William S. Burroughs

“Diabla Blanca (White She-Devil)” [Documentary] (Video)

This compelling film investigates an unusual cultural exchange between the Huichol people inhabiting the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range in west-central México, who venerate the Earth Mother by consuming peyōtl (Nahuatl translation for the peyote cactus, derived from a root word meaning “glisten” or “glistening”), and young disillusioned Japanese who look to this culture for answers to questions about life and death…

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