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“Wealth, Income, and Power: Who Rules America?” [Documentary] (Video)

Among the ruling institutions immune to transparency and accountability is the corporate media. Former network producer and self-styled News Dissector Danny Schechter discusses the power of the media and speaks to journalists and media critics to reveal that what we call news is more often only propaganda…

“The more we understand what is happening in the world, the more frustrated we often become, for our knowledge leads to feelings of powerlessness. We feel that we are living in a world in which the citizen has become a mere spectator or a forced actor, and that our personal experience is politically useless and our political will a minor illusion.”
‒C. Wright Mills

“Bill Clinton’s Rise to Power: The Unprecedented Agenda of an American President” [Documentary] (Video)

Bill Clinton became the first president in United States history to fire every U.S. Attorney in the country, and the first to summarily dismiss an FBI director. What could have motivated these unprecedented actions? Clinton may have provided a clue when he stated:

“I believe the measure of a person’s values can best be measured by examining the life the person lives.”

This film is forthright in revealing the often-unseen life of Bill Clinton: from his days at Oxford to his tenure as Governor of Arkansas; from allegations of drug running near Mena, Arkansas, to the China connection; from the deaths of two teenage boys in a small Arkansas town to the deaths of high officials in Washington (e.g., Vincent Foster and Ron Brown), along with dozens of other mysterious casualties affecting those with knowledge of or involvement in one or more Clinton scandals…

“James Dean: Forever Young” [Documentary] (Video)

Narrated by Martin Sheen, “James Dean: Forever Young” is the visual story of the last five years in the life of James Dean, a young actor in search of stardom. Dispensing with “talking heads” and steering clear of any exploration of the late icon’s lonely childhood and teenage years (which have been well documented in numerous other portraits), the film focuses instead, with exhaustive detail, on Dean’s profession, offering a meticulous depiction of his development as an actor…

“Otis Redding: Soul Ambassador” [Documentary] (Video)

“Otis Redding: Soul Ambassador” follows the late legendary soul singer from childhood and marriage to the Memphis studios and segregated Southern clubs where he honed his unique stage act and voice. Unseen home movies reveal how Otis’s 1967 tour of Britain dramatically changed his life and music. After bringing soul to Europe, he returned to conquer America, first with the “love crowd” at the Monterey Festival, and then with “Dock of the Bay”, which topped the charts after his early death at 26. The film includes rare and unseen performances, intimate interviews with Otis’s wife and daughter, and with original band members Steve Cropper and Booker T. Jones. Also featured are British fans whose lives he changed, among them Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, and Bryan Ferry…

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